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L’Ultimo Uomo (2018)

The brand new album produced by Cockroach Int. Production.”A concept album that embraces the fear for the future in the digital world. The music stands between fine electronic, the sweetest Italian indie rock surrounded by dark and noir glazes.” Rockit

Hypnagogic (2016)


Animal Instincts (2015)

KAI (2015)



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Skärseld och Mjöd – Collaboration in Sweden

“The memories are hideous, and so they remain”

Is one of the wise words written by my good friend Anton Petterson for his black metal project Skärseld och Mjöd. Last week in Sweden we raised up hell for one of the darkest song I’ve been ever involved.

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Mara Kellen – Improvised Music Dreams from Berlin

In Berlin, almost every Sunday we met in our special headquarter with Julian Plaickner, aka Marachello (piano, rhodes, organs), to jam until Monday, often toghether with random people. Here a selection of the best works in the duo of 2017. There are another thousand to come.
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SLOW WAVE SLEEP – New surreal videoclip for “Parresìa”

From L’Ultimo Uomo, the brand new album of Slow Wave Sleep, a concept album that embraces the fear for the future in the digital world. The music of Parresìa stands between electronic, the sweetest Italian indie rock surrounded by dark and noir glazes.

Directed by: Luca Masiello
DOP: Bagher Rahati N.
Visual FX: Yousef Rahati
With Michela Schettini
Music, lyrics and mixing by Emilio Larocca Conte
Mastering by Mekis at Cockroach Int. Production Studios
Vocals recorded at Noize Fabrik – Berlin, Germany


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Waiting for the music story of the last man – Exclusive Interview to Slow Wave Sleep

I had a pleasing and intense talk with Cockroach International Productions about the creative process behind L’Ultimo Uomo, the sixth release of Slow Wave Sleep.

The concept album represents a turning point in the discography. It’s the first album with all the music styles are merged in a unique soup instead of being served in separate courses, it’s the first one entirely sung in Italian and the first one to be released on CD.

Available from January 27th.

SWS set 2017

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The sound of Nebulas – Fractal Music

Polvere, Idrogeno e Plasma comes from a selection of jam using the Pengrain: granular synthesis in Max/MSP developed in Paris together with Michele Tadini. The result is a mixture of fractal, avant-garde and contemporary music to describe orbits of distant star clusters impossible to reach, but possible to contemplate from very far away.

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LOST & FOUND – Music based on Basil’s story

In 1641, during the revolt in Ireland, the detective Basil is chasing Rèfles accused of killing Oliver Cromwell’s wife.

The track is the second part of rubbish I found buried in the hard drive, originally written during the summer 2015.

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LOST & FOUND – The eclectic dance of the First Landing

Since I decided to publish everything I have to close a musical chapter and start with another, I get into this piece I wrote as a test for a video game prototype. It tells about 8 people just landed on another strange, unknown planet that have to face suddenly their first struggles. They come on stage in single file and they walk one by one. I just wanted to represent this picture through music, glad if you’ll notice.

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NEW RELEASE – Congruence, the end of the hypnagogic saga


A three-hours track that tells about Rèfles’ crucifixion upon the colour of wheel ends the hypnagogic saga begun three years ago with The Awakening Penguin, an album recorded together with 25 musicians. This track introduce the mood of tragedy inside the whole story, criticizing today’s society of emptiness and motionless. Rèfles, in his dreams, redeem himself to save the human race, and his new discovered self.

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RELIC – A horror Story Awarded at Haunted Horror Film Festival

The brand new videoclip of Horrorstoner has been awarded as the Most Creative Horror Themed Videoclip at the american film festival.

As well as Gates of Utopia, it has been produced in collaboration with Moviedel Productions, with a new and stronger alliance. In fact, both the storyboard and the inspired by My Little Sister, the third movie directed by M. and R. Del Piccolo whose soundtrack includes the songs for the credits.

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RELIC – Upcoming Videoclip and Release Party

The video of Horrorstoner will be available for streaming from Friday 22nd July.

Both the song and the videoclip has been inspired by My Little Sister, the upcoming movie of Moviedel Productions, telling about the story of a serial killer who tries to imitate the cruel Igor. As well as Gates of Utopia, the direction is by Maurizio Del Piccolo.

The videoclip will be presented live in occasion of the Steel River Fest in the same day, where RELIC will be headliners.


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MOD DEVICES – Slow Wave Sleep is endorser for DUO

New collaboration with Mod Devices to promote their first product MOD DUO.

It’s a revolutionary Stompbox Pedal designed to reach true creative freedom. With its graphical interface, called, Assemblar, allows infinite possibilities of combinations for effects. It can be used for all kinds of instrument, but I cannot wait to taste it on my guitar and include it in the set up.


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MY LITTLE SISTER – The spooky horror story is coming soon

The official trailer of My Little Sister, the upcoming movie directed by M. e R. Del Piccolo, scored by myself, has passed the 140.000 views on one of the most followed youtube channel dedicated to new horror trailers.
The third movie of Moviedel Productions is actually in consideration to participate in some horror festivals in US and Europe and is ready to be distributed all around the world.

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When the perfect combination of heart and mind is surrounded by madness…
the jet explores space, Plaiper and Slow Wave Sleep combined.

Live from the Neukölln spacebase.

JET are:
Julian Plaickner – rational piano/keyboards
Emilio Larocca Conte – filthy guitars and sounds
Thomas Pertzel – dreaming sax

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RELIC – Studio Sessions begins

After 10 years, we’ve just came back in the studio for the upcoming first full-lenght album that will be ready for the 2016.

10 new tracks of pure fury, and a collaboration with Moviedel Production for their third upcoming movie…

The beast is coming…

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HYPNAGOGIC – Coming soon

More than 40 artist from different ages and backgrounds, 15 technicians from all the Europe involved and more than one year to prepare it DIY.

Hypnagogic is a shared production experience by SWS Corp. made actually of:


Stay tuned…

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SLOW WAVE SLEEP – Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts is the second album of Slow Wave Sleep.

The concept is about a man who believe he’s a penguin and then tries to act like the animals that surround him. So he slowly realises of being happy, free, creative…as a child.


1. If I was a Bunny
2. Proud like a Wolf
3. Ants do it better
4. The best Friend

Produced by Emilio Larocca Conte

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KAI, the first project of Slow Wave Sleep, is now available for streaming and free download on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

It’s a concept album and an interactive music project too, about how getting out from every deep depressions just letting the energy flows, inspired by the hindu philosophy.
Each part goes through the bottom-top layered flow of energy called “chakra”, in order to achieve the redemption.

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SLOW WAVE SLEEP – Not only music…

Sgamos Chronicles will be the name of the first movie released by Slow Wave Sleep, which is the second part of Hypnagogic, a multimedia project about two different sci-fi stories, two different dreams, having the same concept: resilience.
Filming had been done in Trecchina, a small village in the South of Italy, on 22th and 23th of August by Stefania Belsito. Editing and post-production will be done by Moviedel Production.

The entire project, made of a concept-album and a movie, will be produced by SWS Corp.


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JUREDURÉ – “La Triste Commedia”, album guest and tour

With great Honour, I was invited to the recording sessions of the third album of JureDuRé, that will be released on IRMA Records.
Furthermore, I’m just taking part in the promotional Tour, which started in May with a lot of gigs in fantastic squares and festivals.
Visit the official website for the latest news and gigs.

Official Website

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YELLOW / FACE – Another way to learn traditions

The Neapolitan electronic duo releases Elettronica Tirolese, an ironic concept video-album “inspired by moments of culture and tradition of mountain life” in which natural samples are combined to extremely deep Drone and Ambient atmospheres. The entire work is available on Youtube.


1. Intro
2. Salzburg Autobahn
3. Valdostane al pascolo
4. Il passo del Brennero
5. Ausgang

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SLOW WAVE SLEEP – Upcoming first album

KAI, the first album of Slow Wave Sleep, is a concept album about the pain of self-realization and how it can be overcome rediscovering the authentic self. It’s a starting point and a finishing line too. Each song take inspiration from one of the seven layers of “Chakra” according to the Hindu philosophy.
The album will be soon available for physical and digital distribution.


1. Brahma
2. Vishnu
3. Rudra
4. Ishwara
5. Sadashiva
6. Paramashiva
7. VII

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CIAKORCHESTRA – First night at Modena

On January 22nd will be the first concert of the ensemble of music for images at the Theatre “Giacomo Alberione” in Modena (Italy). The live show is part of the festival Etica Libera Grandezza (Ethical Free Prominence) on the theme of Memory.
CiakOrchestra consists of: Rosa Alberini (vocals), Kristen Mastromarchi (vocals), Luigi Rinaldi (saxophone), Stefano Bergamini (clarinet), Francesco Erdas (flute), Alessia Natillo (piano), Sara Ferrari (piano), Giulio Pirondini (piano), Anna Palumbo (accordion and percussion), Camilla Flower (classical guitar), Paul Falasca (acoustic guitar), Emilio Larocca Conte (electric guitar), Adriano Rugiadi (fretless bass).

Event link

Locandina 22 Gennaio

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BREAK – First screening in Bologna

Break, a short film directed by Ivàn Selva, music by Emilio Larocca Conte, will be showed for the first time at the Centre “Giorgio Costa” in Bologna inside the Festival of Film Library Costarena and with the collaboration of the Cineteca of Bologna.
The short film was financed thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and it was been displayed at the last edition of Venice Film Festival (“Filmagogia” section).

Locandina Break

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