SLOW WAVE SLEEP starts in 2015 as a music project aimed to fuse contemporary pop music with the complexity of prog-rock from the 70s and the sublimation of classical. Inspired by musicians like Björk, King Crimson, Gorillaz, Rammstein, Ernst’s paintings, Kafka’s literature, Richard Wagner’s Drama and Buster Keaton’s irony, it has nurtured an eclectic style that droves on a wide range of influences and genres being also open to other forms of expression like movies (Sgamos vs Fates) and games (Vena).

The whole production is centered around Rèfles, a fictional character, and his daily struggle through a first-person point of view of his dreams and memories. Until now, four works have been released including a trilogy called Hypnagogic made of a concept-album, a short-movie and a three-hours guitar suite in collaboration with 43 artists, the movie directors at Moviedel Productions and the Norwegian label Petroglyph.

EMILIO LAROCCA CONTE (IL CONTE) is an Italian composer and creative mind who’s behind Slow Wave Sleep. He’s also the guitar player of the metal band Relic (IT), and had been a line-up member and session musicians for bands, solo artists and ensembles like Jureduré, OndAnomala, Spookshow Inc. (LT), CiakOrchestra, Leon Buche (GE).
As a composer, he wrote music for featured movies and short-movies awarded in festivals such as Cannes and Venice and in the US as long as pieces for orchestras. He spent the last three years in Paris and Berlin where has been the production assistant for Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi and he founded Nilasphere, a startup formed to experiment with Virtual Reality games and music performance.

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