EMILIO LAROCCA CONTE is an Italian Composer, Creative Director and Entrepreneur based in Berlin.
His scores have been awarded in US and Italy and selected to International Festivals such as Cannes and Venice.
He founded the cross-media project Slow Wave,  he’s the guitar player of the metal band Relic (IT), and has several collaborations as musician.
He wrote music for featured movies and short-movies with 5 years of specialisation in soundtracks for horror and sci-fi movies.
He actually founded the project Nilasphere, a media company founded to explore new connections between technology and artistic crossover. Every morning 7-9 am he uses to produce sounds with custom plug-ins developed in Max/MSP and before going to sleep he works in new concepts.

Baby Emilio

SLOW WAVE SLEEP is a cross-media project that tells stories about Rèfles, a fictional character, and his everyday battle against apathy. KAI (2015) and Animal Instincts (2015) have been released by Petroglyph, a Norwegian label of experimental music. Hypnagogic, the third releaseis a collaborative project made of a short-film (Sgamos vs Fates), a concept album (The Awakening Penguin) and a stream of consciousness (Congruence), with an overall of 53 artists involved.

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