C 99

Rèfles felt asleep. He wakes up in the middle of a violent light storm that forced him to set up an unscheduled landing on the Coalsack Dark Nebula. His spaceship is seriously damaged and there’s no food left, so he’s forced to eat some roots he found on the ground, but one of them turns him into a penguin.

Vocals: Caterina Costa (Honey Hime)
Guitar solo: Paolo Nocchi (Glory & Broken Bones)
Guitars, Synths and Samples: Emilio Larocca Conte
Bass: Marzo Zirondelli (Relic)
Drums: Gabriele Larocca Conte


Cast aside the Dreams
This coal shall be a grave of our destiny
Genocides are easy to see and feel

Cast aside Reality
Man always fall through their doubts
Parallyzed skills
Are always suspicious

A glint of space
Is falling from the sky
We’re everywhere
Spanned by our will

Cast aside the Fears
There’s nothing that spreads in our agony
Hypnagogic tears (taste like Evil)
Are Heaven’s jests of pleasure

Marrying Simmetry
All the time eclypses and falls
Morning falls and dreams
To crown me like I’m God

Lyrics and Music by Emilio Larocca Conte
Produced, mixed and mastered by Emilio Larocca Conte
Vocals, bass, rhythmic guitars and drums recorded at Audioline Music Village

℗ 2016, Slow Wave Sleep
© SWS Corp. All rights reserved

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