The battle against the Three Fates is over. Rèfles wakes up again in the temple of Penguins in the Coalsack Dark Nebula, tied in the middle of the colour wheel that is slowly turning clockwise Two monks enter the room and go toward him with a crown of thorns, he’s crucifixes.

Here’s the sound of his agony:
– the central melody represent his heartbeat and consciousness
– the other layers are hypnopaedic visions, waiting for the death

1) Mantis
2) Turquoise
3) Blue
4) Amaranth
5) Scarlet
6) Orange
7) Aureolin
8) Gold

“Congruence” is a stream of consciousness recorded in a state of hopeless pleasure of redemption in several esoteric nights.

Hypnagogic is the third dream of Rèfles, a fictional character who’s following his Personal Legend. This story is split in three parts: The Awakening Penguin, a concept album, Sgamos vs Fates, a short-film, and Congruence, a stream of consciousness.

Recorded between October and December 2016.
Produced by Emilio Larocca Conte.
All the guitars effects comes from MOD Duo from MOD Devices

℗ 2017, Slow Wave Sleep
© SWS Corp./Petroglyph. All rights reserved

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