Fyton [Inside Papageno]

Rèfles’ ship lands on a small green and calm satellite occupied by Papageno. He’s a lazy dude, a dreamer, who spends the whole days along a river rambling no-sense words. During the conversation, all of a sudden, Papageno’s ego comes out and he shows an unexpected strength of soul.

Vocals: Nicola Alianelli (Roanoke)
Classical Guitar: Camilla Fiore
Acustic Guitar and samples: Emilio Larocca Conte

Lyrics by Nicola Alianelli, Music by Emilio Larocca Conte
Produced, mixed and mastered by Emilio Larocca Conte
Classical Guitars recorded at Modulab Studio
Vocals recorded at Legend Studio
Acoustic Guitars recorded at S40 Studio

℗ 2016, Slow Wave Sleep
© SWS Corp. All rights reserved

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