1. Brahma
2. Vishnu
3. Rudra
4. Ishwara
5. Sadashiva
6. Paramashiva
7. VII
[+ Bonus Track]

KAI is the first dream of Rèfles, a fictional character who tries everyday to escape from  a mechanical existence. This story is made of seven videos/songs about how getting out from deep depression just letting the energy flow.

Sounds and visions from the past are twisted and merged together to reproduce the ascension through the seven layers of chakra, the doors between fear and consciousness. The same doors that might be shields for human expression.

The word KAI in this context means literally World, Realm, the places where you will be carried on by this surrealistic trance. It is also a battle cry for ninjas. The Japanese word has a number of meanings, including ocean, shell, restoration and recovery.

KAI - Artwork

Recorded in Paris between 10 and 19 October 2014
Visual Graphics are been produced using a Max MSP custom patch based on Masato Suisui‘s Jitter applications
Artwork by Michela Schettini

℗ 2015, Slow Wave Sleep
© SWS Corp./Petroglyph All rights reserved

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