Mara Kellen

Mara Kellen are

Emilio Larocca Conte – Guitars, Live Electronics
Julian Plaickner – Piano, Rhodes, Organs

Every morning a Marachello wakes up, and knows he will have to run more than the investors.

Every morning a Maramello wakes up, and knows he will use laser beams against silicon substrate.

But every Sunday, they gather in the Neuk├Âlln headquarter in Berlin in order to produce sustainable energy with fractal and psychedelic free jazz improvisations. From the collaboration of the composer/guitarist Emilio Larocca Conte (Slow Wave Sleep, RELIC) and the physicist/pianist Julian Plaickner (Plaiper Duo), this first selection of improvised music was born, inspired by those magical days. Mara Kellen also work on live soundtrack for films and space travels.


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