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Photo by Planet Agency

Nickname: Eic

Role: bad manager, excellent creative

Age: 37 years old

Favourite colour: persian green

Job: mayor aspiring to President

Hobbies: he collects sugar packages, he reads Latin and Greek classics too

Place of birth: Shanghai

Place of residence: Ramsele, Sweden, honorary citizen of New Dehli

Blood group: A positiv

Distinguishing marks: he wears a new different tie every day although tailored suits are very similar to each other; his left hand is bionics

Election campaign for the Presidency of the Republic in 2017 – speech number seven

“Dear citizens, a minute’s silence please.

This is a very special evening. For me, and for all of you.

I cannot hide of being excited a little bit, in this place where two thousand years ago some people denied a society based on firmness, loyalty, satisfaction and altruism choosing an empire based on something.

I would to ask you all the effort to remember political beliefs of Fù, my illustrious predecessor, always keeping in mind the sacrifices that our loved ones have endured until now.

Well, due to the unanimous trust that my beloved country has placed in me, I intend to continue this hard struggle to fatality using the weapons that have always prevailed over evil incarnate by forcing and repression: contradictions.

As the thirty-third Head of State of the fourteenth race declare open a new season of pleasures, of emotions, of well-being, of virtue.

That concludes my observation period and are ready to create together with you to a new era of prosperity based on new interpretations of time and space, of the day and the night.

My first step will be to implement the Rhombus Constitution based on the following articles:

Article 1: each man, as such, carries with it the multi-layered mental and physical configurations  on which it’s built its striking originality.

Article 2: therefore, the willingness to open up to other states of mind is welcome and make them their own, knowing that they definitely will be part of the national heritage of the tree of history that is located in the bottom of the hill.

Article 3: inspiration takes place only in a life constantly undermined by its own initiative, determining what the article seven, paragraph two, of a book that I still have to write down hindsight and which is the engine of respect for oneself, to one’s fellows, towards future generations.

Article 4: Every citizen has the right to love, to risk, to help others, to rave as he sees fit as there is no pain worse than the guilt and does not win most acclaimed of self-realization.

Article 5: self-realization means the compliance achieved for what you are and what you do, that is, as usual, measured by facts and empathy in an absolutely spontaneous way.

Article 6: every citizen can withdraw from the State Fund a sum allocated according to the trust that he will be able to issue accurate followed by a careful analysis of its history based on rationality and objectivity.

Article 7: that analysis will be carried out open heart from biochemical machine owned by the President that corresponds to the unanimous approval of the public sphere.

Article 8: every action of the citizens must consider the diamond-metaphorical structure of our brain and its particular biological rhythm, which consists of:

  1. Backlog
  2. Saturation
  3. Production
  4. Assimilation

This particular sequence is repeated in a circular way depending on the limit (real or venial) of the citizen and is closely related to his own will.

Article 9: everyone notes that a citizen needs a will injection has the right to act as he prefers in order to inject the victim a fair dose of inspiration without season with guilt or commiseration, which can not help but spoil the current harmony achieved and, consequently, all the sacrifices.

Article 10: those sacrifices are to be considered subject to questioning and destruction at any time because, being born from the common good and passion, they have no chance of being injured.

Article 11: Every citizen has the right to become President when he think that is appropriate under the rules in force since the first emanation of this Official Code.

Article 12: those rules are repeated here and consist of

  1. lowering the head while increasing concentration;
  2. total blindness by eyes closure, which can have a duration at the discretion of the citizen;
  3. exhalation of air using a deep natural feeling of enchantment;
  4. running in free speed of the path that leads to the sacred pulpit;
  5. final party shared with the population in which the starting dialogue take place.

Article 13: this decision, as spontaneous, can be challenged at any time and in any way, as long as both sides are armed with consciousness.

Article 14: our society is  based on nothing as such has the sole guarantor of common sense.

Me, Eic Larsonn Chien from the Seventh Dynasty Rebel and, by now, the President of this amazing Nation, I add to this words my deepest wishes for a new and glorious chapter of our lives and the only thing that I can promise is my utmost to give justice to the long years of study and solitude before my redemption.

With permission.”

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