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Slow Wave Sleep – Home

Slow Wave Sleep aims to reproduce the third state of sleep through music.
It’s a place where sounds, visions and thoughts flow endlessy like the water in the ocean.


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Emilio Larocca Conte, guitarist, producer from Trecchina, a small village in Southern of Italy, started SWS in 2015. Initially it was a notebook to self-analyze dreams and thoughts, to build confidence and have a clearer vision of things. Slowly it began a full surreal story with characters and stuff, before flowing into weird and epic music, a short-film, a videogame, something even more weird and then finally into something worth to share.


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My name is Rèfles and this is an open letter to my rescuers. I once had friends, and they said music for me is a matter of life and death. I miss all of them. I’m actually trapped in a vacuum, maybe forever, and all I can do is overthinking. So I spend my time trying to get out of here.

Sometimes, funny things happen. It’s like falling in a deep sleep, and I can be in the middle of an action movie, or surfing a cloud of floating light effects. It’s like a recurring dream, with one cohesive plot spreading out slowly. When I wake up, I try to fix these memories as much as I can.

The album Spiro Nell’Egosistema is the last chapter of this story. The main character is Rèfles, who’s made of plasma and descends from the world of Archetypes. Rèfles lately incarnates in Spiro in order to give back to humans their repressed emotions which he embeds. He can easily travel between Planet Earth and Planet Vena, a parallel dimension where there’s no air, no money and no death. Spiro is marked by three black stripes in his face, as showed in all SWS’ music videos, which are linked together like a TV serie.

Slow Wave Sleep’s music includes elements of electronic, rock, pop, classical and everything in between in order to draw epic, weird and meaningless atmospheres like the third phase of sleep I’m in.


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