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Slow Wave Sleep is a surreal musical act based on a fictional story.
It’s a place where sounds, visions, and thoughts cascade like waves in an endless ocean.


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Conceived by Italian guitarist and producer Emilio Larocca, SWS began in 2015 as a personal diary for introspection—analyzing dreams and thoughts. It evolved into a complex sci-fi narrative filled with unique characters, which then transitioned into experimental music. It expanded to include a short film, a video game, live band performances, and other eclectic expressions, culminating in a project that somehow makes sense.


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The EP Nubifragio marks the latest chapter in this saga. At its heart is Rèfles, a being of black plasma from the realm of Archetypes symbolizing repressed emotions. Having recently fled into the vessel of Spiro, Rèfles embarks on a quest to return these emotions to humanity. Spiro navigates effortlessly between Planet Earth and the ethereal Planet Vena, a parallel dimension devoid of air, currency, and mortality. His visage is distinguished by three black stripes, a visible mark to the black blood that flows through his left side. Each piece of SWS content interlocks, forming a complex puzzle.

The musical landscape of SWS is a fusion of electronic, rock, pop, and classical influences, all converging to craft epic, bizarre, and enigmatic atmospheres akin to the dreamlike state of deep sleep.