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| Slow Wave Sleep | is a surreal act by the Emilio Larocca Conte that aims to merge all the forms of art across the blank space between music, technology and human brain. It started in 2015 as a literary project: a diary in which Emilio used to transcribe dreams and thoughts in order to control the pain by projecting reality into a world of fiction. Once he got confident with electronic music production the whole concept with stories and characters flowed into music.

The official debut L’Ultimo Uomo – published on 23rd January 2018 – has been produced in a single room in Berlin after a period of instrumental demos and multimedia experiments. In this record Emilio’s background of classical, rock and electronic music are fused into an eclectic style with lyrics in Italian. Its promotion has been boosted by the music videos of Parresìa and Ragnarök

Few months later the second album Chroma is out, together with the music video of Elogio della Follia produced thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. 
Meanwhile, a band is born to bring SWS’ music on stage, starting to play in clubs, festivals and competitions throughout Italy.

Emilio, Gilberto, Stella and his brother Gabriele entered the studio in February 2019, helped by Mimmo Crudo (OndAnomala, Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti), to record Spiro nell’Ecosistema, released on March 25th together with the music videos of Fiore di Loto, Garuda (an interactive experience with three different endings) and studio report Valzer Nero.

SWS - The Dream Team 1

SWS aims to tell stories through a “liquid” style of music because sounds, like water, adapt the idea to any container and generate life. Although each release is a concept album, the songs have no explicit reference to the whole concept. The same approach is used for the music videos, which are linked together like episodes of a serie, and any other piece of content shared on social media. 

The production of Slow Wave Sleep has spread also beyond music and so far has been flowed into a short film (“Sgamos vs Fates“), a book (“Spettro“), a VR game (Vena, unreleased), a collaborative record (“Hypnagogic Vol.1“) and a stream of consciousness (“Congruence“).

SWS 2020

The whole concept is about Rèfles, a fictional character who lives in the world of Archetypes. He’s the keeper of pent-up emotions of humans that, if unreleased, become part of his body under the form of black plasma. But there was too much to carry on, so he lately incarnates in Spiro, a lonely fisherman whose blood now began half black. His mission is to give back all the emotions to humans by painting three stripes in people’s face during sleep with his black blood.

Spiro can travel between two parallel dimensions: Planet Earth and Planet Vena, a place where there’s no air, no money and no death, and few inhabitants live in the city of Vemetown. This last event brought a shift on Slow Wave Sleep’s music: albums with songs will show Spiro’s journey on Earth while instrumental single tracks are memories of his time on Planet Vena.

Projectg Vena #12

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