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| bliblop zzz tunz tunz |

Hello ***,
First of all I’d like to thank you for the opportunity, it’d be a pleasure to have this music in your list.

Sorry for the misunderstanding on the previous mail, but I thought that a 128 mp3 might work and after a couple of tweaks I’ve finally found the way to prepare the material as you requested, that you can find here: >link goes here<

The compressed folder includes a 29kbps export in ogg Vorbis of both tracks and the two artworks. The first one is an XY Spectrum image converter to fit the music. The file name order is the one that makes more sense for me to release them.It’s totally fine to wait one month and half, there is no rush or schedule to keep, and even in that case your schedule is the priority.

Actually listening to “***”. Sincerely I’m quite ignorant about technical things about chiptunes ‘cause I’m more focused on the composition part and my brain feel very uncomfortable to master both, I just love how chiptune sounds and how they’re so connected to classical music for some extents, you have such a limited amount of sounds and it’s all about the melody, arrangement and tiny details. And I can definitively hear your music sensitiveness here, and a large palette of knowledge of different styles. Thanks for sharing.

Coming to my tracks, I forgot to include the lyrics:>weird link goes here<. It’s a long story behind the song, but yes it has been inspired by that book but as you can see the story is not about it. I tried to apply that provocative approach to nowadays, embedded in a boy that just acts weird on purpose because he sees that society is going not in the right direction. He feels like an inept, unable to connect with people on the surface, just trying to open their eyes on what really matters. Not love, but something beyond that to which love is also a consequence. The only thing that can also change an unfair reality on your favour. For the music part, it was originally written for a film orchestra I was part few years ago. I was so attached to it, as well as other things that went on SWS’ music, that I spent the last two years to explore them as much as I can in all different styles and mindsets. 

Well, good to know that we’re colleagues too, I studied Musicology as well and before going full time into music production I was into that. It’d be great to discuss more about classical music, but this mail is too long now, so better to close it and eventually postpone. 

Again, it’s been a pleasure to connect. Let me know if everything works and eventually when they’ll be available online. These kind of connections are worth all the effort on making music. 

Kind Regards,