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| inner trouble |

II can feel your concern. Never been to Poland but traveled a lot in Northern and Eastern EU and we’re all sick of the same virus, not only COVID-19. And we can’t rely on external issues to change things. Pretty sure it’s a communication problem, zoomed out into a sociological problem, that drove the economics. Capitalistic values change according to trends so it’s not even its fault. Internet and this damned things rose new paradigms that we still have to understand, so the perception of the world we have is distorted. It has always been, but now we’re more keen to manipulation and bad values so the whole dark side of capitalism showed off. You know we’re all fighting for the same things and we all have good and evil inside and within their balance the majority of that is reflected on politics and society. The revolution should start from the bottom. No manifestations but changes in individual behaviours, ’cause we’re all left behind.