| C 99 |

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| C 99 |

| Caterina Costa (Honey Hime) | voce
| Paolo Nocchi (Glory & Broken Bones) | chitarra solista
| Marco Zirondelli (Relic) | basso
| Gabriele Larocca Conte | batteria

| testo |

Cast aside the dreams
This coal shall be a grave of our destiny
Genocides are easy to see and feel

Cast aside Reality
Man always fall through their doubts
Parallyzed skills
Are always suspicious

A glint of space
Is falling from the sky
We’re everywhere
Spanned by our will

Cast aside the fears
There’s nothing that spreads in our agony
Hypnagogic tears (taste like Evil)
Are Heaven’s jests of pleasure

Marrying simmetry
All the time eclypses and falls
Morning falls and dreams
To crown me like I’m God

Testo e musica di Emilio Larocca Conte
Prodotto da Emilio Larocca Conte
Mix e mastering di Emilio Larocca Conte
Voce, basso, chitarra ritmica e batteria registrate all’Audioline Music Village

℗ 2016-2017, Nilasphere Music/Petroglyph
© Slow Wave Sleep, tutti i diritti riservati

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