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| slow wave sleep | is a surreal act by Emilio Larocca, conceived to emulate the third phase of sleep through music. Originating in 2015 as a literary endeavor, it began as a diary where Emilio chronicled dreams and musings, transforming reality into a fictional realm for therapeutic purposes. As his proficiency in electronic music production grew, this concept, replete with its narratives and personas, transitioned into the realm of music.

Phase I: the first two albums | Biography

The project’s debut album, L’Ultimo Uomo, released on January 23, 2018, was crafted in a single room in Berlin following a series of instrumental trials and diverse experiments. This record amalgamates Emilio’s expertise in classical, rock, and electronic music into a distinctive style, articulated through Italian lyrics. Its outreach was propelled by the music videos for ‘Parresìa’ and ‘Ragnarök.’


Subsequently, the second album Chroma emerged, accompanied by the ‘Elogio della Follia’ music video, realized through a crowdfunding initiative. Concurrently, a band was formed to play SWS’s music live, performing across Italian clubs, festivals, and contests.

Phase II: The Band | Biography

In February 2019, Emilio, Gabriele, Gilberto, and Stella, ventured into the studio to produce Spiro nell’Ecosistema. This compilation, predominantly comprising reinterpreted older tracks, was recorded in a single-day live session, eschewing samples and metronomes for an authentic retro ambiance. Released on March 25th, it was promoted with the music videos for ‘Fiore di Loto,’ ‘Garuda’ (featuring three alternate endings), and ‘Valzer Nero.’



Phase III – alone again | Biography

Preceding the Covid-19 pandemic’s escalation, the band disbanded. Emilio retreated to his native town to finalize forthcoming compositions, including Points (released on February 27th, 2021), Spiro nell’Egosistema (the fifth album, released on July 14th, 2021), and two additional parts of Hypnagogic.


SWS’s mission is to narrate tales via a ‘liquid’ musical style, where, akin to water, the sounds conform to any vessel and engender vitality. While each release constitutes a concept album, the tracks refrain from overtly referencing the overarching narrative. Similarly, the music videos, though interconnected like a television series, each boast a distinct storyline.

The central theme revolves around Rèfles, an imaginary entity residing in the Archetype Empire. As the custodian of suppressed emotions, which amalgamate into his being as black plasma, Rèfles becomes overwhelmed and ultimately manifests as Spiro, a solitary fisherman charged with restoring emotions to humanity. His left side, composed of black blood, is utilized to inscribe three lines on individuals’ visages during slumber, thus fulfilling his role.

Spiro possesses the ability to traverse between Planet Earth and Planet Vena, a domain devoid of air, currency, and mortality. To date, Vemetown is the sole known city within this alternate universe.


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