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| Concept |

Slow Wave Sleep’s music catalogue, as well as the music videos and other secondary content, is based on a concept, a surreal saga to which the songs refer in a non-explicit way. Each release is a chapter of a saga inspired by reality, as extreme as in dreams. Slow-wave sleep in English, is in fact the third (perhaps even fourth) stage of sleep, the one in which we keep vital functions to a minimum, in which we enter a state of total hypnosis of which we do not remember anything . This is where memories mix to make up dreams, and the ones that come to us are only a small part of the REM phase before we wake up.

About Slow Wave Sleep

Slow Wave Sleep tells the dreams of Rèfles, a fictional character.

In the first eight episodes some details of the protagonist were revealed within the concept. While in the previous demos, in the first three volumes of Hypnagogic, L’Ultimo Uomo and Chroma everything happened in the dimension of Archetypes in an apparently disconnected way (frequent time travel, interplanetary shifts, adventures in the seven stages of the chakra etc. .), with Spiro nell’Ecosistema, the third album, Natura Morta, the fourth record of remixes, and the EP Points the action moves to Earth and assumes linearity.

He’s made of repressed emotions, that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired his own consciousness over time and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams and art.

About Rèfles

Rèfles has been imprisoned for having acquired too much weight. With the spread of the internet, repressed emotions have increased exponentially, and now the other Archetypes fear this enormous accumulation of power, despite being of a peaceful nature. From prison, he manages to send a fragment of himself to Earth which takes possession of the body of Spiro, a lone fisherman of the Rhine River. His mission is to return the repressed emotions to humans so that Rèfles returns to his original stage and can return to freedom, proving to be harmless. To do this, Spiro paints three stripes on people’s faces with his black blood. The left part of his body is in fact made of the same material as Rèfles, while the other half of normal blood in order to maintain human features.

The concept of his duality

He always has a knife in his pocket to nick his left hand where he dips the brush into the black plasma. The human side of him, however, has a side effect: in moments of tension he can explode with anger, a blind fury from which he can only subside by suffering severe pain. To do this he uses to bite his right palm, always trying not to arouse suspicion. Spiro has been spotted in the woods by a group of hikers, who will be the first on which he will perform the ritual, at night, without being discovered. After a couple of suspicious approaches, the group of friends manage to get Spiro to tell his story. They decide to help him and take him to town.