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| trecchina | January 7th 2019

Imagine a bunch of inspiring words
Imagine a bunch of cute words
Imagine rush, a busy life
The passion that you earn money with
Your next trip
Your next barbecues
A new Netflix show
The couch
Homemade pasta
A gift you don’t expect

Slow Wave Sleep has nothing to do with these stuff
Slow Wave Sleep is all the rest
Everything that can’t be explained by words
That causes pupil dilation
That changes the rhythm of breathing,
A slight tingling
That becomes a thrill
That becomes a smile
Showing you dreams
To bring you back to reality.

| paris | December 12th 2014

Slow Wave Sleep was born to be an uncontrolled flow of thoughts, an ecstasy, a moment of reflection.

It’s a liturgical event in which the apparent disorder produces a complex system of experiences and memories commonly known as personality.
It’s also a time to worship the awareness of one’s abilities and to open the mind to brand new perspectives.
It’s like a big archive in which emotions and historical events are linked together and can be recalled on demand. Many things can assume different meanings in relation to the circumstances in which they were produced, even if they are too different. They could be partially recalled by similar circumstances as well.

We live in a world where every moment can be good to acquire, expand or confirm new knowledge and new approaches so we need to be always smart and fast. It is not a matter for business. It’s an honorific for those who have helped us to make who we are and who cheers for us. Those who cannot keep up are wounded, beaten and, in the worst case, pushed out of the coach. For those unlucky guys there is no jackpot of personal fulfillment but illness of regret. Otherwise, everyone has a case of anxiety, both collective than individual, that erode society and individuals slowly.
I don’t believe that this virus is the result of the web revolution because man has always had to fight to survive and every fight implies a state of excitement.

It’s all a matter of perception.

Excitement, when it not leads to instant surrender, reinforce weakness.
Weakness is food for greedy people.
Their empowerment causes the boost of societies based on symbolic manipulation.
Symbolic manipulation spreads emptiness and slavery.
Emptiness and slavery are at the base of pain.

I think that the ongoing research of inspiration is the only way to stay on the coach without a scratch.
Inspiration can come from two different levels: reflection and action.
During this phase of sleep, the third one, it is possible to analyze in retrospect the great number of brain’s information acquired during the day.
It’s a moment of reflection.
At the same time, it allows preserving emotional sensitivity and smartness after awakening.

The ultimate goal is welfare.
Welfare can be reached with self-realization.
Self-realization takes awareness.
Awareness can be acquired through knowledge.
Knowledge needs inspiration.
So, an inspiring life is the key to well-being.

Slow Wave Sleep project will be open to any form of expression in order to foster awareness and artistic freedom.

| bologna | April 4th 2014

This is an indelible mark of me.
This is my life and an endearment for the people who belong to it.
This is my schizophrenic drawing of the world.
A geometrical drowning.
So accurate that seen from afar it looks white.
A drawing that shows to the viewers how great they are in drawing.

April 4, 2014