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| partners |

Emilio Larocca – Artist

Nilasphere – Production Company

Moviedel Production – Movie production company

AR Recordings – Independent music label

Mushroom Sound – Game related studio

Pristudio – Recording Studio

Mod Devices – The stompbox revolution

Factory Berlin – Business Community

Betahaus – co-working space

St. Oberholtz – co-working space

Modulab Studio – Soundtrack production company

Maestro Billy – Dj and producer

Opificio Indipendentista – Independent record label

Morgana Photo – Photographer

Antonio Rimedio – Musician, composer, orchestra director

Cosplay On Air – Japanese music and culture radio

Guido Sodo – Musician, composer

Canto Discanto – music from Naples and from Mediterranean ponds

Nippop – Association of japonaise culture

Giuseppe Cosentino – Graphic Artist

MA2000 – School of music and dance

Japanimando – Webzine of japonaise culture

Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi – Composer

Michele Tadini – Composer