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Emilio Larocca

Music Composer // Sound Designer // Guitarist

Music Producer, Songwriter, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, professional Guitar Player, Music Creator as Slow Wave Sleep.

I also craft music and sounds for linear and non-linear media (games, apps). Soundtrack Composer with Classical background, Wwise Certified User (101 and 201), Unity Certified Junior Developer, FMOD and Max User. My greatest passion lies in enhancing stories with aesthetic sonic soundscapes.


Emilio Larocca Conte

  Games Audio_Portfolio - Emilio Larocca
Movie Soundtracks_Portfolio by Emilio Larocca
Original Music_Portfolio - Emilio Larocca
Produced_Portfolio by Emilio Larocca
Mixed/Mastered_Portfolio by Emilio Larocca

Birthday: July 14, 1988
Nationality: Italian
Email: emilio.larocca@swsleep.net
Skype: Emilio.Larocca.Conte


Ableton Live (music production, sound design, mixing), Logic Pro X (soundtracks), Studio One (recording, mixing, mastering), Max (sound design), Izotope RX (post-production), Wwise (middleware), FMOD (middleware), Unity (game/real-time engine), Sibelius (music notation), Finale (music notation).

FabFilter, Waves, Native Instruments, Izotope, Universal Audio, PluginAlliance, Arturia, Brainworks, AcusticaAudio, Outpur, Klanghelm, AOM, reFX, SPL, u-he, GoodHertz, TDR.

Macbook Pro, Audient iD14, Yahaha Hs8, AKG K240 MKII, Electro Voice RE20, Tascam Portacapture X8, Ableton Push 2, AKAI MPK mini MK3, AKAI MPK49, nakedboard MIDI Controller, Mogami cables, LaCie hard drives, Sony ZV-1.

Fender Mod Stratocaster, Jackson Kelly KE3, Cort EVL-Z47, Pedro Morientes SP1 , Bugera 333XL amp head, Marshall JCM900 1960 Lead cabinet, MOD Duo digital pedalboards, analog custom made pedalboard.