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| Animal Instincts |

Animal Instincts is the second dream of Rèfles, a fictional character.

He’s made of repressed emotions, that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired his own consciousness over time and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams and art.

Rèfles imagines to be a penguin wearing a mask, while trying to act like other animals.
 He slowly realises of being happy, free, creative… like a child.

Animal Instincts | tracklist |

1. If I were a Bunny
2. Proud like a Wolf
3. Ants do it better
4. The Best Friend
[+ bonus track]

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I was clearly in a different mood here. April 2015, I just came back to Bologna after six months spent in Paris carrying a weird mixture of enthusiasm and disbelief. I managed to live abroad, working as an assistant for a classical composer, still earning not enough to survive. A good challenge, but feelling depressed often. The giref now was put aside, channeled into a strong creative force as I rarely had. The first track inspired later Fiore di Loto, the last Angela, and Ants has been my favourite one for years (lately included in Incontro tra Daphne ed uno dei Sette Savi), despite the production sucks.

Released September 14, 2015.

℗ 2015, Nilasphere Music/Petroglyph
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