| hypnagogic IV – V |

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| hypnagogic IV – V |

Hypnagogic is a recurring dream about Rèfles and Spiro: two fictional characters

Rèfles is made of repressed emotions that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired over time his own consciousness and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams, and art.

Rèfles recently escaped into Spiro’s body to give emotions back to humans. Spiro can easily travel between Planet Earth and Planet Vena, a parallel dimension where there’s no air, no money and no death.

| vol. 4 |

Hypnagogic Vol.4_Slow Wave Sleep artwork

| vol. 5 |

Hypnagogic Vol.5_Slow Wave Sleep artwork



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