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| hypnagogic volume 1 |

Hypnagogic Volume 1 (originally entitled The Awakening Penguin) is a recurring dream about Rèfles, a fictional character

He’s made of repressed emotions that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired his consciousness over time and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams and art.

Rèfles is a 17 years old chef who works in a three stars hotel. Fried duck is his best recipe. After several years of routine, he decides to quit his daily job to travel around the Universe with a spaceship owned by his grandfather. He visited three planets before being forced to land on the Coalsack Dark Nebula due to ship damage, starting a new life.

| structure |

– Prologue (track 1)
– Trilogy of Discovery (tracks 2, 3, 4)
– Trilogy of Inner Journey (tracks 5, 6, 7)
– Trilogy of Celebration (tracks 8, 9, 10)
– Epilogue (track 11) 

Hypnagogic Volume 1 | tracklist |

1. Prologue – Ode to a Father
2. Battering Ram [Inside Oni]
3. Ash Heaps [Inside Bastet]
4. Fyton [Inside Papageno]
5. Penta Gang-Bass
6. 17 BeeS [face up to Lachesis]
7. C 99
8. Dimensions
9. Spooky Action!
10. SP Massive Grunt
11. Epilogue – Ode to a Mother

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Featuring: Giacomo Larocca Conte, Rocco D’Aguanno, Elisabetta Coppola, Fabio Di Nicolantonio, Nicola Alianelli, Camilla Fiore, Alessandro Arigliano, Simone Spolzino, Bachittar Sigh, Caterina Costa, Paolo Nocchi, Marco Zirondelli, Gabriele Larocca Conte, Seif Maamoun, Enrico Babolin, Domenico Cantisani, Julian Plaickner, Marco Giovanni Cristofolini, Renato Fiorito, Filippo Cresci, Domenico Prudenzano, Marco Perrone, Marco Pazzini, Lorenzo Massa, Marco Iuliano.

Written and produced by Emilio Larocca Conte, except song n.2 co-written with Rocco D’Aguanno, song n.5 co-written with Alessandro Arigliano and song n.8 written by Seif Maamoun.

Mixed and mastered by Emilio Larocca Conte, except song n. 5 mixed and mastered by Alessandro Arigliano.

Released November 7, 2016.

℗ 2016-2017, Nilasphere Music/Petroglyph
© Slow Wave Sleep. All rights reserved