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KAI is the first dream of Rèfles, a fictional character.

Sounds and visions from life’s memories are twisted and merged together in order ascend through the seven layers of chakra, the doors that separates fear and consciousness. The same doors control the flow of human expression.

The word KAI means world, realm, the places where souls are carried on by this surrealistic trance. It is also a battle cry for ninjas. The Japanese word has a number of meanings, including ocean, shell, restoration and recovery.

KAI | tracklist |

1. Brahma
2. Vishnu
3. Rudra
4. Ishwara
5. Sadashiva
6. Paramashiva
7. VII
[+ Bonus Track]

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KAI - Slow Wave Sleep - Artwork


It was intense. I needed something to start over and overcome all the shame from the outside, alongside with the inner feeling of not having accompished nothing with my own music. Of course I was part of many small projects but nothing fully satisfied me, and I’ve always stood in a grey space. My efforts are not balanced by results, that’s my leitmotiv from the beginning. A mixture of fear, naivety and bad luck which I carry on still today.


Recorded in Paris between 10 and 19 October 2014.
Visual Graphics produced using a Max MSP custom patch based on Masato Suisui‘s Jitter applications.
Artwork by Michela Schettini.

Released September 10, 2015.

℗ 2015, Nilasphere Music/Petroglyph
© Slow Wave Sleep. All rights reserved