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| spiro nell’egosistema |

Spiro nell’Egosistema is the tenth dream about Rèfles, and the third about Spiro: two fictional characters.

Rèfles is made of repressed emotions that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired over time his consciousness and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams and art.

Rèfles recently escaped into Spiro’s body to give emotions back to humans. Spiro can easily travel between Planet Earth and Planet Vena, a parallel dimension where there’s no air, no money and no death.

Together with the people met in the forest, he arrives in Vemetown, a border town between Hungary and Slovenia where they rent a hotel room for the night. When he wakes up, he discovers that they’ve left the place with the check to be paid. He stays in the city for almost a year, trying to fit in and hide his true identity, sometimes forgetting it. However, he’s received coldly from locals, despite his polite and generous attitude.

Sometimes he goes to the countryside to meet a shepherd friend. Sometimes he goes to Planet Vena, a parallel dimension discovered by chance during moments of mental instability. In Vena there’s no air, no money and no death. It’s inhabited by imaginary friends with whom he manages to create a bridge between the two realities. They travel on a ghost ship called The Flying Dutchman which flies over Vemetown at night.

Until the ship gets spotted by a little girl. The rumor of the mad foreigner spreads out in the city and Spiro, unable to bear these prejudices, decides to move away and change his strategy. He moves to the Arctic, where he spends time trying to get remotely the attention of people with the Rite of the Three Nails. 

| tracklist |

1. Spoiler
2. Filo Spinato
3. Il Corvo ed il Merlo
4. Idra
5. Storia di una Capinera
6. La Pellegrina
7. Zenit
8. Petrolio
9. Rivendico
10. L’Olandese Volante
11. Paziente Borderline
12. Il Precipizio
13. Preludio Numero Due
14. Artide
15. L’Alternativa

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Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Emilio Larocca Conte.
Except Il Precipizio, music by Andrea Cascini, and Preludio Numero Due, music by Johann Sebastian Bach.
With Brendan Kuntz (drums in Spoiler), Giacomo Larocca Conte (accordion in Zenit) and Gianluca Pellerito (drums in Il Precipizio).

Artwork by Giuseppe Cosentino.
Inspired by “Muoio ogni giorno”, a painting by Emilio Larocca sr.

Published by Dimora Records and A/R Recordings.
Produced by Nilasphere.

Released July 14, 2021.

℗ 2021, Dimora Records, A/R Recordings
© Nilasphere. All rights reserved