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Spettro is a collection of 12 novels about creepy alter-egos written by Emilio Larocca Conte and Zenas Witt.

The book explores different shades of love and perversion.
Here, our ego has been shattered, desecrated, recomposed, and temporarily purified.


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January 2019, Self-published,

“The light to exist needs the darkness around it.
The dark moments, evil, suffering, are necessary things to be well.
Putting myself naked in these lines, I built together with
Clarissa this subtle and deep well starting from the bottom.
…It is no coincidence that this book comes out in conjunction with Chroma, the second album of Slow Wave Sleep. There we talk about a man in chains in love with a shadow, here with a shadow free in love with the light.”

“And now? How do I get out of it? I promised five stories and I don’t know where
to begin, like promising a round of drinking with an empty wallet!
But conversations pick up on their own after quarrels,
a series of honest, naked and brutal tales could not
than being a timid restorative dinner between me and me.”

In the collection of Spettro’s short stories, the authors face their own hidden fears alternating independent stories in which the the only rules were to give a title that recalled a color and include the initials of your name. This is how they are born expressions of different shades of love and perversion: the self it has been shattered, desecrated, reassembled, adored.

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Prefazione, p. 5
Grigio Ambrosia, p. 9
Rosso Melograno, p. 17
Marrone, p. 23
Verde Smeraldo, p. 33
Verde Persiano, p. 49
Giallo Seppia, p. 53
Nero, p. 69
Blu Charron, p. 75
Celeste, p. 89
Verde Veronese, p. 95
Rosso Scarlatto, p. 107
Bianco Avorio, p. 117