Live Shows

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Live Shows


December 10th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Balcony TV, Trento (IT)
November 30th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Padua, (IT)
November 10th: Slow Wave Sleep (showcase) @ Shopville Granreno, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
October 25th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Boogie Club, Rome (IT)
September 16th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Locanda Blues, Rome (IT)
September 7th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Prajacoustic Fest, Praja a Mare (IT)
August 28th: Sabrina Carnevale @ Una serata a Piano dei Peri, Trecchina (IT)
July 29th: Slow Wave Sleep @ PerOgniDoveFest, Brescia (IT)
July 19th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Studio Il Cortile, Milano (IT)
June 30th: Juredurè @ Locanda alla Mano, Milan (IT)
June 25th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Sala Bolognese (IT)
June 14th: Rockin’1000 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Florence (IT)
May 18th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Calderara di Reno (IT)
May 13th: Juredurè @ La Musica nelle Aie, Faenza (IT)
May 12th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Teatro Reims, Florence (IT)
March 24th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Red Tower Festival, Bologna (IT)
March 7th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Arterìa, Bologna (IT)


September 6th: Slow Wave Sleep @ Belzebos Festival, Carrara (IT)
October 12th: RELIC @3 Days in Rock, Bologna (IT)
March 25th: RELIC @ Lab End, Bologna (IT)


10th December: RELIC @ Cà Vania, Imola (IT)
22nd July: RELIC @ Steel River Fest, Bologna (IT)
14th July: Slow Wave Sleep @ Tech Open Air, Berlin (DE)
30th April: RELIC @ Patchanka, Ferrara (IT)
19th February: RELIC @ Vampyria, Reggio Emilia (IT)


23th October: RELIC @ Lab_End, San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna (IT)
12th September: Jureduré @ Ca’de Mandorli, Bologna (IT)
31th August: Sabrina Carnevale @ Hotel Happy Moments, Lauria (IT)
20th August: Jureduré @ Private Party, Crotone (IT)
08th August: Jureduré @ Calafrica Music Festival, Pianopoli (IT)
07th August: Juredué @ Camping Sovereto, La Castella (IT)
31th July: We Have The Moon @ Festa della LIbertà, Zocca (IT)
25th July: Jureduré @ PIazza Europa, Papanice (IT)
10th July: Ondanomala @ Le Voci dal Deserto Festival, Bologna (IT)
27th June: Jureduré @ Villa Serena, Bologna (IT)
26th June: Onda Anomala @ Fucine Vulcaniche, Bologna (IT)
21th June: RELIC @ The Hot & Rock Spicy Contest – Final, Molina d’Elsa (IT)
20th June: RELIC @ The Hot & Rock Spicy Contest – Semifinal, Molina d’Elsa (IT)
30th May: Jureduré @ Shakespeare Café, Parma (IT)
09th May: RELIC @ Spring of Darkness Festival, Pianoro Factory, Bologna (IT)
28th March: RELIC @ ST. Mary Live, Città di Castello (IT)
22th January: CiakOrchestra @ Teatro Alberione, Modena (IT)


1st November: RELIC @ Interiora Horror Fest, Forte Prenestino, Rome (IT)
24th September: Session Musician @ Buon Compleanno Mimì, Teatro Dal Verme (IT) (with Loredana Errore, Manuel Foresta, Laura Bono, Luisa Corna, Alex Britti, Anna Tatangelo, Marco Carta, Renzo Rubino, Annalisa Scarrone)
14th September: Sabrina Carnevale @ Piazza del Popolo, Trecchina (IT)
27th June: RELIC @ Liffrock Contest – Final, Gavirate (IT)
09th May: RELIC @ Liffrock Contest – Semifinal, Varese (IT)
15th March: RELIC @ UMA Fest – second edition, Bologna (IT)


18th October: RELIC @ Caos Rock Club, Bologna (IT)
21th June: Shinigami Squad @ Nippop, Bologna (IT)
01st June: Shinigami Squad @ MA Rock, Bologna (IT)
13th April: RELIC @ Distilleria, Bologna (IT)
05th April: RELIC @ Salento Metal Contest, Squinzano (IT)
09th February: RELIC @ UMA Fest, Bologna (IT)
22th January: RELIC @ Freakout, Bologna (IT)


30th November: RELIC @ Blood Red Fest, Bologna (IT)
23th November: RELIC @ Bloom, Renazzo (IT)
17th November: Shinigami Squad @ Lab16, Bologna (IT)
16th September: Shinigami Squad @ Rumicon, Reggio nell’Emilia (IT)
05th August: Shinigami Squad @ Porretta in Cosplay, Porretta (IT)
08th June: Shinigami Squad @ FacliCosplay, Bologna (IT)
12th May: Shinigami Squad @ Lab16, Bologna (IT)
09th May: Shinigami Squad live at the radio @ Radio Dimensione Musica – Cosplay on air
29th April: Shinigami Squad @ Officina Cosplay, Prato (IT)
14th April: Shinigami Squad @ Ludicomix, Empoli (IT)
07th April: Shinigami Squad @ Tokyo Freaks, Bologna (IT)
11th March: RELIC @ Distilleria, Bologna (IT)
21th February: Shinigami Squad @ Lab16, Bologna (IT)
13th January: RELIC @ Bloom, Renazzo (IT)


11th December: RELIC @ Blogos, Bologna (IT)
08th April: RELIC @ Bloom, Renazzo (IT)


10th December: RELIC @ Thunderdome, Bologna (IT)
22th May: RELIC @ Centro Giovanile, Castenaso (IT)
26th March: RELIC @ Ideal Pub, Magenta (IT)
25th March: RELIC @ Velvet Live Club, Lucca (IT)
24th March: RELIC @ Scalo San Donato, Bologna (IT)


22th September: RELIC @ Lazzaretto, Bologna (IT)
12th September: RELIC @ Bruton, Lucca (IT)

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