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| Points |

Points is the ninth dream of Rèfles, a fictional character.

He’s made of repressed emotions, that wander in a single direction in the form of black plasma to be gathered in a liquid mass: his body. He has acquired his own consciousness over time and lives in a parallel dimension together with other Archetypes. He can communicate with humans only through dreams and art.

When he stole Spiro’s body, a fragment of him was left in prison on purpose in order to observe and eventually kill Spiro in case he doesn’t complete his mission oh Earth. This fragment finds a way to connect with the four elements by altering the essential geometric patterns of things, thus opening a third channel of communication between Rèfles and humans in addiction to dreams and art.

| tracklist |

1. Squares
2. Triangles
3. Lines

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Music by Gianluca Rizzo (Zephiroom) and Emilio Larocca Conte.
Lyrics by Emilio Larocca Conte.

Mixed and mastered by Emilio Larocca Conte.

Artwork by Giuseppe Cosentino inspired by In The Dark, a photo by Zephiroom.

Published by A/R Recordings.
Produced by Nilasphere.

Released February 27, 2021.

℗ 2021, A/R Recordings
© Nilasphere Music. All rights reserved