Who is Rèfles

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Who is Rèfles


Rèfles is made of a soft but elegant plasma, which takes a different shape for each of us. Like those of his species, he doesn’t live with us but in another dimension, which is connected to Planet Earth.

Let me explain.

Anyone who is forced for some reasons to fake his/her feelings in the name of a facade optimism, whether it has a profit or not, doesn’t matter. The easiest example is in the workplace, when there is a deal to close, for instance. It’s in that kind of moments that a piece of Rèfles is born, like a black drop as much large as the effort of faking this optimism, that rises from our body and flies away in the blue dimension. The legend says that Rèfles is born more or less when we reach adulthood, when a sufficient quantity of that material, called dark matter, coagulates and comes to life. Rèfles has no age and he never dies, as he lives on a planet where death doesn’t exist, as well as money and air. We can say that he’s the best part of all of us. His name is taken by reflection, but he has little in common with the reflection we look in the mirror. He’s complementary, in the sense that he respects our features but he’s full black with both eyes of an intense white, wide and without pupils. He embodies our animal instincts, together with our purest rational side. He doesn’t know arrogance, avarice, lust, envy, throat, anger and sloth – the seven deadly sins. We can say that he’s our best part, which is detached from us in order to achieve his fulfillment, just like we do every day. He choose to be detached from us because at some point in our existence there are too many social constraints that he would risk of being overwhelmed. By going into the blue dimension, he’s free to nurture his virtues while we gain practical experience, however he doesn’t remain untied from us forever.

There are two ways to communicate with Rèfles.

The first is through dreams. The second is through art, in all its forms. When it happens, we can notice it from the black spots on our body.

During the Slow Wave Sleep journey, he’s not the only character of the blue dimension to be showed off. Bastet, Oni, Papageno, Freyja, Shiroi, are other entities just like him born from our behaviours, from another side of our personality.

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