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Squares est le premier morceau Points, un EP qui marque le retour à la langue anglaise et aux collaborations.


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| paroles | Squares

Who said that
A house is made of bricks?
And who said that
A song is full of spikes?
I landed here from outer space
And suddenly I’ve perceived the difference:
Stars were never standing on the black hole’s shadows,
Comets were spinning daily on the smoothest road,
All the curious creatures used to stay away from grief,
And inside my world there are no walls to protect.
While they stand here biting the bullets
At my bright side
They pretend my demons fit into squares.

Who said that
A house is madeß of bricks?
And who said that
A song is made of spikes?
I’m living in the edge of shame
For having blessed the signs of madness.
Caves have been my bedroom when I felt so lonely,
Trees have kept my secret treasures for decades,
Winds and waves are spreading everything that’s left,
And inside my world there is no pain to relief.
Although, I think we should welcome
Our dark sides
And pretend our demons fit into squares.