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| message to Andreas (Disney) |

Hi Andreas,

Emilio Larocca Conte here. I found today’s panel at Appsworld really inspiring and encouraging.

People needs more relevant contents and a new way in engagement that reflects today’s complexity.

It’s funny, because since I started to think about it and share my impressions and ideas about SWS Corp. with other “creative” people – professionals or amateurs – I received just negative feedbacks.

1) April 2014: an italian dj asked me to release an album with his upcoming small independent label.

I invited all the musicians I know to join the party, no expectations, it came natural. We produced The Awakening Penguin, one of the documents linked below, and it was amazing how much high quality music we produced together from just a story I wrote, and how everybody joined the composition process in spite of the totally different backgrounds, age and residence. The only think I had to do is making everybody comfortable to express their creativity. Since then, I’m studying everyday how to make it possible and profitable.

Today I heard you (Disney), Andy (Soundcloud), Maria and Gunnar – didn’t know their company before but they were so smart – debating on the same problems and getting to the same conclusions for the first time in my life.

2) October 2014: I moved to Paris to work with two composers of IRCAM, developing some tools for sound design.

At least 3 times per week I used to go to Notre-Dame – I’m atheist – to study the ritual. That’s because in 2006 I read a book about the decline (switch) of the rock star system that attributes rock concerts’  roots to the XIII catholic rituals and Hitler’s speeches. Rave parties and dance halls might be the future (the author was so smart). The audience reflects its individual aspirations to the divinity (artist, God, public figure), now reflected to the mass and individuals. That’s why I thought my project Slow Wave Sleep as a celebration of self: collaborations during the production phase and participation of the audience during the live performances. The artist is just a “priest” who coordinate everything, who set the rules. I imaged the applications I were working for available for all the audience at the entrance, to allow them participating to the performance with their smartphones.

A couple of months ago, Ableton announced their new technology to create music from many devices: Ableton Link.

Now, after three years, I’m ready to merge all the things I learnt in these years into something unique. As I told you today, I think that also the production phase needs to be changed, and a new way of engagement made by concepts and ideas, instead of products, will increase both the revenue than the artistic value in the same time.

That’s the vision behind SWS Corp.

My goal is to create a platform in which many companies and heads can collaborate into the same idea in four different levels. I called this production process “nest production”, quickly described into the Powerpoint presentation attached below.

Note: the most part of the documents is still unreleased and reserved. I ask you please to don’t share their content.

I’m sorry for being too long, but it was worth to explain well the concept behind.

Your feedback it’s very important for me, for this than for my career.

That’s why, if it sounds doable for your schedule and plans, I ask 30 minutes of your time for a coffee meeting to discuss deeply about it.

Are you still in Berlin in the next days? I suggest to meet at The Barn, August Strasse, 58. I’m available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2-6 pm each day.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards.

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