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| congruence |

Congruence is a stream of consciousness recorded in one hopeless night and the third part of Hypnagogic.

| tracklist |

1) Mantis
2) Turquoise
3) Blue
4) Amaranth
5) Scarlet
6) Orange
7) Aureolin
8) Gold

I remember that night like yesterday. It was in Berlin, where I lived at that time, a single room near Beusselstraße. I was working on the soundtrack of My Little Sister, half was done. No matter of daylight or night, I had my own schedule, which is to compose one reel per week, then sometimes go to eat, sometimes go to sleep. I had a fling, and that night we went to a techno party nearby. It was terrible, I couldn’t talk to her. My self-esteem was underground and music often lower it down, because I kind of hate my projects so far. In that mood, it’s impossible to be with others, especially with girls. I came back home and finished an entire bottle of vodka.

My guitar was nearby, and I started playing that melody. It was such a relief, the ultimate expression of my misery. So I decided to loop it for three hours, or to reach 5000 bars. Either one or the other could be enough to stop. But around 7 am I did both, and some extra sour was added after a couple of months. I even listened to it a couple of times, it’s so weird. That’s another perfect example of how music it’s a disease to me and the cure as well. It’s shifting more in the disease side, but come on.

Recorded in Berlin between October and December 2016.
Produced by Emilio Larocca Conte.

Released February 24, 2017.

℗ 2016-2017, Nilasphere Music/Petroglyph
© Slow Wave Sleep. All rights reserved