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| dear Susan (at the gates of Berlin) |

Dear Susan,

thanks for the quick answer.
I’m really interested in the apartment because my primary research is for the Neukölln area and, according to your description, it could fit my taste perfectly.

Further informations about me.

I was born in Italy 27 years ago, moved in Bologna at the age of 18 to attempt the University.

I got my first Bachelor in Musicology followed by a Master Degree in Communications and, in the meanwhile, I attempted a private school for 6 years to achieve another Bachelor in music performance, feeding my passion for music. In 2013 I finished all the academic studies.

I worked for almost one year as a marketer and salesforce for IT companies here in Bologna, always trying to increase experiences as a professional musician at the same time. In fact, in the 2013 I started to study music production and soundtracks by myself.

Due to short term-contracts, on 2014 I was forced to find another job and I’ve had the opportunity to chose between two kind of research team in Rome or Paris, both related in the music field. First was a private center that studies italian public founding of art (here is called FUS), the second was working side-by-side with two composers of IRCAM, the best center in Europe for electronic music research. I choose to move in Paris because of a deep need of moving abroad. The period of work lasts 6 months (from October 2014 to March 2015). A great experience, and came back in Italy to leave as soon as possible, but  coincidences didn’t help me and since then I was involved in several musical projects.

Now that my work here is done, I can follow my wishes to leave Italy another time, choosing Berlin for a lot of reasons…first of all, all my friends and colleagues that lives there told me that it’s a really creative environment and can offer good opportunities for people like me that operate in the creative industry. My first aim is to build a entertainment production company, and I’m acting for this since 3 years. Here could be the place. In the meantime, I’m interested in knowing how modern entrepreneurship works and get in contact with people that works and own startups. Berlin has always be my dream…it’s a city with an international environment but not chaotic as could be London, better organised that Rome and of course less frustrating than Paris, to make a comparisons with the other cities I spent a couple of time. Last but not the least, as I said in the previous mail, my girlfriend moved there since 10 days, and I want to stay with her. So, I want to be based there and move for a long period.

During all these experiences I always tried to learn and be curious, to control myself and to be resilient.

Music and sport both teach me of making sacrifices and delay the pleasure and all the travels increased step by step a little of knowledge of how the world works and how to serve it, to enjoy all the experience, to be friendly and live together, to leave always positive feelings on people with I worked with, neighbours, friends and all kind of relationships.

Since ten years I rent a room into a shared apartment and never had a problem. Here in Bologna I lived there for 6 years with a chef, in Paris I was with a  girl from Brasil and a french guy (post-graduated student in social science and health assistant), so I know how it works and to how to gratify home mates and landlords.

I’ve got a regular life, get up early on the morning (at maximum 8 am) and going to bed until midnight. I’m very tidy, also because I’m not a student anymore, and clean all my stuffs every week, manage cleanings in common spaces with others. I usually work outside when I’m self-employed, except for scoring movies that I cannot move my equipment, made of a Macbook, professional headphones and two hard drives.

I hope to hear soon from you.
In the meantime, thank you so much.

Kind regards.

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