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| we need to dream |

I totally agree with the analysis, but not with the solution. We’re going to feed what we’re facing up and it’s not a healty, neverending circle.

I think that Music needs a big change at the bottom, in the production phase, ’cause the audience needs new symbols, not more money or visibility, to bridge the gap. An artist by his own cannot satisfy this requirement, ’cause everybody can be artist. So, we need to abstract in a world of heroes instead of workers and heroes might be created by a community. No more albums but projects, no more artists but concepts. That would be the epitaph of the “rockstar”, landing it in through the immagination. By this point of view, collaborations and networking might make the thing easier to fit a quick market of growing demand. Colonies instead of bands or single artists.

Abstraction instead of realism.

We need to dream.

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