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| enter the factory |

At any event – pitch, panels, talks, parties…- I feel the excitement of challenges. The challenge of growing and improving. The challenge of facing new problems to solve. The challenge of saying something inspiring to other founders.

Berlin for me is a place where every day is like the first day. And every brand new day begins with a dream to realize. I’m pretty sure that Factory is the right ecosystem for my kick-ass-call-to-action.

Smiles, good vibes, success on one hand; strength, mistakes, failures on the other. Like in a colony, a healthy environment needs to share the good, to increase motivation, and the bad, to learn.

November 2015, the first time I was at Factory for one of the Meet and Pitch. I waited for 15 minutes on the first floor (maybe the second) just because I saw the Soundcloud logo shining at the reception.
“I’d rather be part of the game”, I thought. Then I went downstairs, late as hell for the presentations. A guy was talking about some revolutionary condoms, it supposes to be. A bunch of people sitting on the floor listening, others behind at the tables, most of them wired in.
Because I don’t like hyping myself, and I’m firmly convinced that the world won’t change because of this behavior, I found a free spot in the last rows to sit down.
Besides me, a founder, 27 years old like me, who strives to simplify the access to public administration’s documents.

I felt twisted between the feelings of being useless and proud at the same time.

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