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I think that stuffs are moving in a way we cannot control…paying the rent is more important of being self-realised, doing music at any cost even making your life a shitty mess, ’cause no one is inspired by your stuffs and you know it and don’t care. The important is to pay the rent and be able to say “hell yeah, I live with music” to self-accomplishment. Is it the price to pay? If yes, do you know that you’re not doing art but you’re lying to people? Nothing but a routine, a downward spiral, that has nothing to do with art but more with craftsmanship. Musician are now the new crafts, but the difference is that most of them do it in slavery instead of lovely sacrifice. Frustration get people mad and egoistic, musicians could now kill each others for a little more visibility and music companies, startups and all music affairs are laughing. Yeah, this may be a negative critic ’cause I’m so frustrated of this, but people and musicians have to work in consciousness and not lie to people and themselves. And I see that most of them are liars instead of musicians, because they’re not artists…they’re musicians who believe to be artists.

Art is making questions and inspires people, but you’re offering a service now, nothing to do with art. Musician, be aware of this, it’s really important I think.

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