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| take care, in any case |

Hello *****,

Yep, don’t worry about the release date ‘cause we can stay very comfortable with it. The album is coming on March 25th and this track is one of the four b-sides that will come afterwards so I can plan the promotion a bit for what I can do. 

Of course lyrics can be tweaked too! It’s everything metaphorical and basically useful and worthless at the same time. The thing is to understand the structure of the song to make them fit properly and this backing track is a good start. If you feel to make suggestions starting from that translation (fingers crossed it’s accurate) you’re totally up to do that you know. I’ll work on it within these days too, but everything is feasible.

Well, the Corona-s*** is crazy here since a while actually. The last two weeks have been ridiculous, seriously. All the media were talking about it in a way to alarm people as much as possible to get views, and the majority of Italians acted like retards as we are. Thank god we have a good health system, the only thing that works here more or less. Now finally is a bit under control, but everything is closed ’till April 3rd. No shows, no school, no business meetings, nothing. So the economics will collapse again and we’ll see what happens. But at least we discovered the pleasure of a simple life and I hope people will be more meticulous about the informations from now on. It’s a f*****’ fever, not a plague. 

Since a couple of days I read the stress spread outside from here too. In that case no worries, it’s just bulls*** storm for a couple of days (weeks if you’re unlucky) and then peace will reign again.

But take care, in any case.


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