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| sogni da marmocchio giapponese |

Konnichiwa …-san


I am, an Italian guitarist and producer interested also in Literature, Visual Art, Technology, Natural Sciences and all other fields of knowledge that gives me living inspiration.
I have done some web researchers to find interesting Japanese musicians to start a collaboration with and I have really appreciated the things you do…so, it could be a great honor for me if you could read carefully this words and think about it.

On October 2014 there will be the first release of Slow Wave Sleep, a project that will start as a way to escape with my musical (and mental) madness but the intention is to expand it to all the fields of Art.

For this first record, I want to get in touch with other musicians and producers to reach a number of people that share with me the passion for Music and Creativity.
Initially, It will be released here in Italy with an Independent Label named “Opificio Indipendentista” but it will be also distributed worldwide through all the Music Portals like Spotify, I-Tunes, Deezer, Pandora, ecc. Now, I am searching for other independent labels to increase physical coverage and I am in contact with a music producer who will help me in the entire process, from production to promotion, above all in Asian Market (he is going to move in Japan to start a Music Label there).
In other words, it could be also a great chance to increase visibility and business opportunity to each of us, not only let know and enjoy ourselves humanly and artistically – that obviously, is the most interesting thing.

But now let me tell you something about me and, then, about Slow Wave Sleep.

I was born as a punk rocker before studying Musicology and Communications at the University in Bologna and before going crazy with all kind of music genres: classical, funky, jazz, blues, drum’n’bass, soundtracks, ambient, chill-out…

Meaningful experiences:

1) Relic guitarist since 2006, a Death Metal band with whom I’ve released an EP and 2 video clips. You can watch our videos on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/relicmetal) and listen the full EP on Reverbnation (http://www.reverbnation.com/relicmetal).

2) Shinigami Squad – Anime OST Cover Band – guitarist from 2008 to 2013 (http://www.youtube.com/user/ShinigamiSquad)

3) As Soundtracks composer, I worked on two short films: “Bazza!” (2010, a short film directed by Renato Fiorito) and “The Unchanging Sea” (directed by Griffith), the first release of a series of Original Soundtracks for Silent Films in collaboration with the Cineteca of Bologna (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDzWouzuEMo). But this is a work-in-progress activity…

and finally…Slow Wave Sleep founder and producer.

As I said before, With Slow Wave Sleep I want to develop a creative process that will involve Music, Comics, Videogames and Visual Art in a sort of stream of consciousness about contradictions and about how a man can see the reality from different points of view. The main concept id that we can be not only actors but also the directors of our lives.
The entire project will be developed in a series of steps…

First of all, the album. Attached to this mail, you can find the concept of the record that, as I said before, will be initially released by an independent Italian label but my purpose is to spread its visibility worldwide The deadlines are: Recording process (May-June), Mix and Mastering (July), Digital and Physical distribution (from October).

August and September will be dedicated to the Communication Strategies Plan:

– An Official Website will be designed based on users interaction (with Videogames, applications and other features…do you know Gorillaz? They are another genius that inspired me and I will get ideas from their amazing website!), addiction to the Classic Social Media Promotions (on Facebook, Twitter, ecc…) and PPC Campaigns.

– It will be released an official video-clip on August using the technique of Stop-Motion with Cartoon-style drawnings. Similarly, more video-clips have to come that follow the storyboard given by the concept of the whole project. The purpose is to publish them on Video Channels (like Youtube, Vimeo, ecc.) and develop a story which stays below all of them. They will be also part of the live shows.

– Three different types of Live Shows according to the kind of event (live gigs, DJ sets…) and based not only in music but also with a strong visual impact with light effects, videos, costumes and other stage effects inspired by Theater.

And so on gadgets, text issues, paintings…

I have imagined Slow Wave Sleep will developing not only as my main project but as a different kind of art consumption, a sort of community in which both the artists than the public are involved. Both of them will be creative actors with different kinds of participation based on interactivity.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas and I know that I have to work hard to realize it and start slowly…
In the meantime, you can make me the happiest guy in the world participating in one of the songs.
I will be eternally grateful also if you write me any suggestion or feedback about it.

I’ll wait for a replay and, in the meanwhile, I wish you all the best.


Emilio Larocca
aka Slow Wave Sleep

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